Community coping with deaths of brothers

A community and school district are mourning the loss of 17 year old Blake Romes and his brother 14 year old Blaine Romes.


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, people stopped by the home where Blake and Blaine Romes lived and dropped off flowers or cards to remember their young lives, "you never expect anything like this to happen. especially when it's right next door, I mean, I woke up to all this," explains Brii Rosengarten, a neighbor of the victims.

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oke up to police tape


candles and notes for the victims

, and police still monitoring a house turned into a crime scene. The person who may holds the answers to what happened inside this home is 17 year old Michael Fay, who's currently in police custody. But who is Michael Fay? "A normal kid, like anybody else just driving around having fun hanging out with his friends. I see him out there playing basketball and stuff," says Rosengarten.


f fay is normal

, the mood in the Elcrest trailer park community is far from it, "nobody's outside and when everybody is outside, it's kind of like just kind of just sad," adds Rosengarten.

The mood is also intense inside the schools where the brothers studied, "it's stressful, it's tense. I mean obviously it's going to be tense," explains a student named "Ashley" who was in the same class as Blake Romes.


rief counselors were available throughout the district.



lake was a really sweat guy, he was wherever you see him around school, he always helped people. he always said nice things,
I don't think I ever saw a bad thing come out of his mouth," adds the classmate of the older brother.


ind words weren't spared for young brother 14 year old
Blaine Romes. Students said the Ottawa - Glandorf elementary student was a smart and kind kid who was chosen as student of the year.

Neighbors say they'll miss the pair, "every time I came out in the morning, they would be out they would say hi to me and ask me how my day is and just ask if I needed anything, just good kids," adds Rosengarten.