Community members come together for "Take Back the Night" event


omestic violence is a problem that rears its ugly head everyday.


ere in Northwest Ohio, there have been several public cases of domestic violence.

Saturday night,

community members came together to make a public stand not just against domestic violence

but all violence towards women.



his is when the women unite to take back the night, to let everybody know we're not going to take it anymore



says Carol Ann Allen, one of the organizers of the 19th annual Take Back the Night event.


or years it has taken place in different neighborhoods to demonstrate that violence happens everywhere. In Northwest Ohio, it seems its been happening too much,"especially with all of the domestic violence murders that we've had, we had a lot of recently and this just shows awareness we want everybody to know, it has to stop," says Allen.

a message echoed by Jessica Litez who has witnessed domestic abuse, "I mean it's sad because it's like horrible to see especially little children."

Throughout the UAW Local 12 Hall where the event was held, T-Shirts, and card board cutouts display the many examples of violence and survival victims have gone through.


f the t-shirts and cut outs are examples of the horror of violence.


hen people inside are examples of the strength and support

"it feels amazing, I mean all the support and all the love that people have," says Litez.


n addition to hearing survival stories from victims


a one mile march was held in the Old West End as well.