Community reacts to racial vandalism in Bowling Green


Green police are now investigating two racial incidents that occurred during a 48 hour period.


he news of not one but two acts of racial vandalism in just 48 hours is a bit shocking for some people including
BGSU student Latifah Street,"the meaning and moral significance of these signs and symbols is lost on a generation because they don't use it as being racially insensitive, they use it as a prank," says Street.


hat police say four juveniles responsible for drawing a swastika told them

, t

hose young people drew the symbol on the sidewalk and driveway of
BGSU Men's Basketball Coach Louis Orr early Sunday morning. on Monday morning, another incident, this time with a watermelon smashed on the hood and windshield of a car. A note was left with racial slurs for the owner, a BGSU student.


Wood County Prosecutors Office is involved with the police investigation. Police are still investigating the two incidents. But, they're asking if people with any information to call Crime Stoppers at 800-54-Crime.