Community: Who does Libbey High School belong to?

Libbey High School is no longer serving students but some say that does not mean it is no longer serving the community.

Dozens gathered Monday evening at a South Toledo church to put their heads together in an effort to save the former high school building from the wrecking ball.

The top question: Who does Libbey belong to?

"This property may belong to the Board of Education and the public school system but it is a Toledo building paid for and its footprint belongs in Toledo," said Toledo City Councilman and Libbey alum D. Michael Collins.

These folks argue that Libbey High School's history and the important name on the building belong to or are at least an important part of the community and specifically to the Old South End. "It's important: the preservation, the history of it, the students, the former students," said June Boyd.

But to save the school they must convince Toledo Public School leaders of more than that. "But it's going to take time to get that purpose and to rush into the demolition of this building, realistically is doing a great disservice to the city of Toledo," said Collins.

If it comes down to it, they say they will go to the legal system to get an injunction to stop the wrecking ball; something these neighbors say would be devastating. "Libbey High School I think takes up almost two blocks of Western Avenue and it would be ludicrous to even have a thought of tearing it down because what would you build up?" said Boyd.

Right now, they believe they have a good shot at just finding the right alternative for the historic building. "Maybe even a vocational school--we've got a lot of proposals that we're going to submit to the board that should be very successful in maintaining Libbey High School," said Boyd.

Leaders of the already cash-strapped Toledo Public School District have expressed concerns over the cost of maintaining Libbey. If they demolish the building the district could receive some public funds.

So, who do you think Libbey High School belongs to? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.