Comparisons to the snowiest winters in Toledo

This season will be remembered for the total amount of snow, while the winter 36 years ago will be remembered for one devastating blizzard.

At 73.5 inches and counting, any snow from here on out will add to the record for the snowiest winter ever recorded for Toledo.

It seemed like the winter of 1977 and â??78 might stand the test of time, holding on to the all time snow record for 36 years. But then this winter happened, and it looks like we might leave that infamous winter of 1977 and â??78 in the dust, with more snow expected in the coming week.

Snowfall lags behind 1978 record in December, but catches up in January

But at the end of December, the snow record didnâ??t even seem conceivable, as we were more than 20â?? behind the pace set at the end of 1977 (30.8" to 11.7").

But everything changed in January, when 40â?? fell in Toledo. That smashed the record for snowiest January that was originally set â?? you guessed it â?? in 1978 by nearly 10â??.

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We continued to gain on the record through most of February, finally surpassing it Tuesday morning.

Snowfall continues in March

The winter of 1978 ended with a whimper, with only 2.5â?? recorded in March of that year. But it might be a different story for us, with another large snowstorm possible this weekend to kick off the new month.

Blizzard of 1978 dumps more than a foot of snow

While this winter will be remembered for the amount of snow, the winter 36 years ago will be recalled for one storm: the infamous blizzard that arrived on the morning of January 26, 1978. The blizzard dumped 13â?? on Toledo â?? a similar amount from a few storms this year â?? but also spawned ferocious winds that gusted to 100 mph and snowed many people into their homes, while stranding hundreds of motorists on area highways. The National Guard had to be called in to rescue people that were stranded and to help clean the mess the storm left behind. The region was paralyzed for days, and left 50 dead in Ohio.

Complete breakdown month by month between the two winters:

November 1977: 6.6"...2013: 0.5"

December 1977: 24.2"...2013: 11.2"

January 1978: 30.8"...2014: 40.0"

February 1978: 9.0"...2014: 21.8" (so far)

March 1987: 2.5"...2014: Stay tuned

And while the weather has been frigid this winter, it was actually worse in 1978. In the month of February that year, the average temperature was just 11.8 degrees, the second coldest month ever recorded in the Glass City.