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      Controversy over cancelled fundraiser reignites

      A Toledo man is responding to critics once again after setting up and cancelling a fundraiser to benefit the families of the two Toledo firefighters killed in January. Chris Nastahowksi said vendors who were planning to participate in the cancelled fundraiser would receive a refund. Two vendors posted on Facebook earlier this week that they have not received their refund."Yes all money has been mailed out to the vendors and we have the money order receipts so that we can track them on the computer," Mr. Nastahowksi said.Nastahowksi cancelled a craft show and fundraiser days before it was scheduled to take place on Saturday, March 22 at the International Boxing Club in Oregon due to a disagreement among the team of people he assembled to help him. Questions then arose about the money that Nastahowksi had collected from participating vendors.

      Nastahowksi repeated his earlier assertion that all money would be refunded. A spokesman for the Toledo Police Department told WNWO that the department is not investigating this matter.