Convicted killer smiles before he's sentenced in Springfield Twp. couple's deaths

Samuel Williams smiles before learning his punishment on Friday.

Nearly 11 months after his initial arrest, for the 2011 murders of Lisa Straub and Johnny Clarke, Samuel Williams was sentenced to two terms of life in prison without the possibility of parole.

â??No one in this community should ever have to worry about you ever walking the streets again," Judge Dean Mandros said during Williams sentencing hearing on Friday.

Just moments before Mandros revealed Williamsâ?? punishment, the convicted killer smiled while talking with one of his attorneys.

â??When I look in his eyes [I see] Satan,â?? Johnny Clarkeâ??s mother Maytee Vasquez-Clarke said.

Vasquez-Clarke and Lisa Straubâ??s sister were among the victimsâ?? family members, in court, who were allowed to read a victimâ??s impact statement before Williams was sentenced.

â??He is not sorry that he tortured and murdered our children. He's sorry he got caught," Vasquez-Clarke told WNWO after the hearing.

Though it is still unclear what exact role Williams played in the murder, or who may have helped him murder the couple, both families say this is the beginning of their healing process.

â??We are very happy that Samuel Williams will go to jail for the rest of his life,â?? Straub family spokesman Jim Verbosky said.

Williams also was given 11 years for kidnapping and another 11 years for aggravated burglary.

Charges for another man in the case, 23-year-old Cameo Pettaway, were dismissed after a judge ruled there was not enough evidence linking him to the deaths.