Cops can now give tickets for texting while driving

The grace period for Ohio's texting while driving ban ends Friday, March 1.

Friday, March 1 marks the end of a grace period on Ohioâ??s texting-while-driving ban, which means officers can start handing out citations.

The bill, signed last June by Gov. John Kasich, makes texting behind the wheel illegal for motorists of all ages on a secondary enforcement basis, according to the Associated Press. That means officers can only cite texting drivers if another moving violation has occurred, like speeding.

The law went into effect in August of 2012, but state lawmakers allowed for a six month grace period where officers just issued warnings. Violators can fined up to $150 for their first offense.

The legislation makes it also illegal for drivers under the age of 18 to use an electronic wireless communications device in any manner while in the car under the law.