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      Cornfields welcome Mitt Romney to NW Ohio

      Located at Weckerly and Ramm Rd in Monclova, Oh

      â??Go Romneyâ?? is the greeting that many will see who fly over Northwest Ohio.

      No, it wasnâ??t an alien that sculpted the image of Mitt Romney; it was Duke Wheeler of Wheeler farms and Bill Ryan of Ryan Farms.

      The Whitehouse 25-acre cornfield reads â??Go Romneyâ?? was sculpted in 6 hours. The corn maze is located at 11500 Obee Rd next to the Toledo Rockets vs. Bowling Green Falcons corn maze. A separate cornfield was also sculpted to welcome Mitt Romney at Ryan Farms, located at Weckerly and Ramm Rd in Monclova, Oh. In addition to Romneyâ??s face, President Reagan is also featured. Both corn fields are located 4.5 miles from Toledo Express Airport

      Wheeler says the fields were designed by mazeplay.com. The owner of mazeplay.com donated his time and efforts to assist Ryan and Wheeler cut the fields. Wheeler says the purpose of the cornfields is to motivate people to get out and vote.

      In the 2008 election, Wheeler Farms cut an image of Sarah Palin welcoming her to the area.