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      Coroner: Baby Elaina's death ruled a homicide

      The autopsy results of baby Elaina Steinfurth indicate the east Toledo toddler's death has been ruled as a homicide, according to the Lucas County coroner.The coroner issued a statement Tuesday that described baby Elaina to have suffered severe acute "fractures," to her arms and legs. The fractures were consistent with "non-accidental trauma." Toledo Police recovered immature human skeletal remains in September at a detached garage, at 704 Federal St., that belonged to Steven King's mother.King has been behind bars on an obstruction of justice since July. READ: Steven King tells Toledo Police where to find Elaina Steinfurth remains.Earlier this month, at King's pretrial hearings, both the prosecution and the defense said they were waiting on the results of forensic tests to determine if possible homicide charges should be brought against King. Elaina's mother, Angela Steinfurth, is also being held behind bars on charges of obstruction of justice.King and Angela were the last two people seen with Elaina before she was reported missing.As of now, no homicide charges have been filed in Elaina's death. King's next court date is scheduled for Dec. 9. Angela's court date has been pushed back to Nov. 20. READ: Complete coverage of #babyElaina case