Could Ohio, Michigan law enforcement handle situation like Ferguson?

<p> <font size="2">Military surplus equipment programs have garnered attention recently in light of violence in Ferguson, Missouri, where the local police department had acquired two armored Humvees and other military gear under a surplus equipment program.</font> </p>

TOLEDO -- More than a week after protests began in Ferguson, Missouri, violence continued there Monday night despite new efforts to restore order.

Earlier in the day, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon ordered the state's National Guard into to the St. Louis suburb to "provide protection, and ensure the safety of our unified command center".

So, do Ohio and Michigan law enforcement agencies have the tools needed to adequately respond to similar situation?

According to the

Detroit Free Press

, Michigan law enforcement agencies have obtained $43 million in surplus military equipment from the Pentagon since 2006.

Among those assets were 17 mine-resistant armored fighting vehicles, 165 utility trucks, and three observation helicopters.

Approximately 1,800 M16's, 696 M14 rifles, hundreds of bayonets and nine grenade launchers were also acquired by Michigan law enforcement agencies.

The Free Press said that federal officials wouldn't "identify specific agencies getting the equipment" but noted that Dundee now has a mine-resistant ambush protected vehicle, or MRAP.

In Ohio,

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

found that state law enforcement agencies received nearly 4,900 assault rifles and 36 mine-resistant vehicles during the same time period.

Military surplus equipment programs, across the country, have garnered attention in light of violence in Ferguson where the local police department has utilized armored Humvees and other military gear during protests.