Council members trying to restore funding to shelters

Three members of Toledo City Council have submitted ammendments to the legislation that affects Housing and Urban Development money earmarked for homeless shelters in Toledo. In late May several family shelters were notified that they would be getting significantly less money than they applied for which sparked controversy and led to criticism of the city's Department of Neighborhoods.

The Department of Neighborhoods says no money is available to shelters from the Community Development Block Grant and that limited funds will be available to them through the Emergency Services Grant. For example Aurora House had requested a little over $74,000 from the CDBG. Aurora House will get no funds from CDBG but $20,000 from the ESG.

District 4 councilwoman Paula Hicks-Hudson has proposed that each of the agencies affected by the cuts receive 3% less than they did last year. Councilman Mike Collins is proposing a 10% cut.

Renee Palacios, executive director of Family House, favors the Hicks-Hudson ammendment. "I prefer the ammendment put forth by Councilwoman Hicks-Hudson, even though it is a 3% cut we would be able to work with that," Ms. Palacios said.