Councilman Sykes: In the letter, I did not state I was racially profiled

<font size="3" face="Calibri">Sykes says he was profiled by police, but not racially.</font>

TOLEDO -- Toledo City Councilman Larry Sykes said heâ??s satisfied with the Toledo Police investigation into allegations that he was profiled over a traffic stop in April.

After reading the report, Sykes pointed out that he never said he was racially profiled in his letter to Police Chief Bill Moton.

The councilman was pulled over on Byrne Road in South Toledo in late April. He asked why he was stopped and the officer said it was because he couldnâ??t read Sykesâ?? license plate.

Sykes says he was profiled by police, but not racially.

â??I think I was profiled because of the area I was in,â?? Sykes said. â??I stopped at the light, looked both ways, then took off speeding real fast.â??

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Sykes, who is black, says thereâ??s no way the officer could have seen his skin color. He said it never even crossed his mind that he was racially profiled.

But in his letter to Moton, Sykes does mention his license plate.

â??Chief Moton, as I drove away I became very angry,â?? Sykes said in the letter, â??because he had no justification nor did he give me a decent reason for stopping me. Stating that he stopped me because he could not read my license plate, my license plate reads 4DRWBLK, which stands for â??4 driving while black.â??â??

Sykes said the Toledo Police investigation proves that driving with an illegible license plate is unlawful. He read the report Tuesday after a city council meeting.

â??I asked in the beginning, can you be arbitrarily stopped?â?? Sykes said. â??The report came back and they told me thereâ??s some reasons that justify a police officer stopping you.â??

The councilman said heâ??s now putting the issue to rest.