Court denies attempt to shut media out of Romes brothers murder trial

Blake and Blaine Romes

Media outlets will be allowed into the courtroom during the Romes brothers trial.

The judge denied an attempt to shut the news media out of court hearings on an accused child murderer. 17-year-old Michael Fay is accused of killing brothers, Blake and Romes in May in Putnam County. Fay entered two not guilty pleas on charges of delinquency in connection with aggravated murder. An Ambert Alert was issued for all three boys after the brothers' mother found blood and gun in the home.

His lawyer asked the media from covering the hearing on moving the case to adult court, saying publicity would keep Fay from getting a fair trial.

WNWO and other media outlets successfully argued that the public's interest in the case was important.

Fay's adult hearing is scheduled for July 2.