Crack cocaine, marijuana seized from Fostoria home

The search warrant was executed on Friday.

The Seneca County Drug Task Force seized a substantial amount of crack cocaine, U.S. currency, criminal tools, drug paraphernalia and marijuana in Fostoria on Friday.

The task force, along with Fostoria police, executed the drug-related search warrant at 127 East Crocker Street. Officers utilized a canine unit to uncover the drugs.

Charges of trafficking in crack cocaine, possession of criminal tools, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of marijuana are pending after further investigation and lab testing of the suspected crack cocaine and marijuana.

"The Fostoria Police Department, along with the METRICH Unit agents have been very active the last few weeks, identifying and pursuing the dealers in Fostoria, Ohio," Chief John McGuire said. "We encourage citizens to continue to report suspicious activity and likewise we will continue to work jointly with surrounding agencies and the public to aggressively attack those involved in drug activity and criminal behavior."

Citizens can continue to report suspicious activity to their local agencies or the Seneca County Drug Task Force - METRICH Enforcement Unit Crime Hotline at 1-877-446-Drug (Local #443-0463).