Crashing wheelchairs and clashing football skills

The Toledo Crash take on the Glass City Rollers in wheelchair football.

Ten years ago, the Toledo Crash started as recreational wheelchair football game for those with disabilities, but the game has since amped its competition and gained notoriety.

On Sunday, February 23, the Crash played against the Glass City Rollers.

"It is touch football, although you will see that the reason we are called 'The Crash,' is you will see some crashes," Dennis Mussery of The Ability Center said.

For Elle Oâ??Hell of the Glass City Rollers, it was her first time playing wheelchair football and appreciated being invited to play against the Toledo Crash. "I think it is awesome. It is something really unique just like our sport. Everyone has a place in roller derby, everybody has a place in the world. It is a neat opportunity for people well-being or not."

It is Al Millerâ??s second year playing for the Toledo Crash and plays as a wide receiver and defensive back. "It is an adrenaline rush. I feel great. People learn team unity, learn how to work together especially people with disabilities and non-disabled."

"For some of (the players) this is their Super Bowl because they do not have the ability or have not had the ability to play college football or high school football," Mussery said. "This gives them an opportunity to be competitive."

The Toledo Crash will play the University of Toledo menâ??s football team later this year.