Crews train for emergency at Westfield Franklin Park Mall

The safety training exercise was conducted by members of the Toledo Fire Department and the Toledo Police Department's Homeland Security division.

E mergency lights and sirens lit up Westfield Franklin Park Mall early Thursday morning.

B ut do no t worry... it was only a test.

T he mall cooperated with Toledo police and fire crews to conduct a drill in case of an "extreme emergency."

Thurs day , when crews arrived on the scene , they were told the re was a gas explosion and at least three people were injured.

"I n this case it was very impromptu but we were able to coordinate with mall security. They did a fine job letting us know exactly what was going on to where we were able to use our resources to take care of the situation," said Toledo Fire Captain Jim Dandar.

The event began at 7:00 a.m. on the second floor of the mall and continued through Dick's Sporting Goods and into the parking lot.

E very year the mall holds these drills to practice for the worst case scenario. T hey say this is especially important as the busy holiday shopping season approaches.