Crikey, mate! Toledo Zoo welcoming 17-foot saltwater crocodile

A 17-foot saltwater crocodile will go on dispay on May 24.

The Toledo Zoo is making way for a big addition to the family: A 17-foot saltwater crocodile.

Visitors can see the currently unnamed croc at the Reptile House starting on May 24, the same day the new Wild Walkabout Australian-themed exhibit opens to the public.

The zoo reports that new animals are arriving weekly for the exhibit, including dingoes and death adders to lionfish and laughing kookaburras. More animals are hatching or being born on-site as well, like the rare kiwi chick that hatched on Jan. 12.

Additional projects include a Great Barrier Reef exhibit in the Museum of Science, showcasing some of Australiaâ??s dramatic aquatic species; Australia-themed Keeper Tales shows in Natureâ??s Neighborhood; and exclusive behind-the-scenes Wild Walkabout tours.

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