Criminal past doesn't overshadow new Oregon School Board president

P.J. Kapfhammer was elected president of the Oregon School Board.

An Oregon School Board member who admitted to having a criminal record has now been named board president.

Just last month, the board's former leader stepped down and this week, the school board voted 5-0 to reorganize and name P.J. Kapfhammer its president. Kapfhammer was elected this past November and started on the board in January.

But during his campaign, an anonymous flyer was sent out detailing his troubled past, including accusations of assault on a teacher when he was in high school, criminal trespassing, resisting arrest, menacing, DUI and failure to pay child support.

"Everyone has a past; I've owned up to mine, and I have changed my life since I went down that path, learned from it and became a better person," Kapfhammer told WNWO in October. Kapfhammer has an idea who is behind the flyers and thinks the motive is to punish him for being a critic of the current Oregon school administration. "This came out a week after I went to a school board meeting and challenged the way they are running the school's right now," Mr. Kapfhammer said.