Criminal trial to begin for Ottawa Hills police officer

McCloskey was stopped near Indian Road and Central Avenue by Officer White.

A criminal pre-trial begins this week for an Ottawa Hills police officer accused of shooting an unarmed suspect during a traffic stop.

Officer Thomas White is accused of shooting motorcyclist Mike McCloskey in Ottawa Hills back in May of 2009. He is being tried for one count of felonious assault with a gun specification. McCloskey, 25, of Maumee, was shot in the back and suffered severe injuries after he was stopped near Indian Road and Central Avenue by Officer White and another Ottawa Hills policeman.

White's pre-trial begins on Wednesday. The trial is scheduled to begin May 10, 2010.

White has pleaded not guilty in the incident which left McCloskey paralyzed. He also suffered severe burns from the motorcycle which fell on top of him. A civil suit filed against the village of Ottawa Hills by McCloskey claims that he could lose his leg as a result of those burns, which happened when officers refused to remove the bike from on top of him.

If convicted on the criminal charges, White faces up to 11 years behind bars.