CSX plans to expand North Baltimore facility

The facility employs a little more than 300 workers.

Transportation giant CSX is moving forward with plans to expand its North Baltimore facility.

When you think of north Baltimore, chances are "transportation hub of America" doesnâ??t come to mind, but a new $43 million expansion plan from transportation supplier CSX could change it.

The new expansion would add two additional widespread cranes and all new processing track to the facility, potentially doubling production numbers.

Spokesperson Carla Groleau told NBC24 explained the expansion.

"We have the capacity right now to move about 650,000 containers per year and with the expansion that number will tip over the million mark," Groleau said.

The facility employs a little more than 300 workers. Groleau said an expansion this big is bound to necessitate additional help, but could not confirm how many jobs will open up.

The company is solely focused on completing the massive project. It is in the process of making North Baltimore the cornerstone for their national gateway.