CSX seeks grant to expand its Northwest Ohio Terminal

North Baltimore, OH - CSX opened its Northwest Ohio Terminal just two years ago in 2011.

Paul Hand, an executive for CSX says they could not have picked a better location.

"We were looking for a place that would give us access to the main line, and give us access to our Western network, our Eastern network, and Ohio is the perfect place," says Hand.

The terminal has five electric cranes, and operates 24,000 feet of operating track.

CSX Intermodal does about 2.4 millions loads per year.

The company's success has promted CSX, in cooperation with the Wood County Commissioners Office, to apply for a government grant to add 2,300 feet of space to its processing area, and also add two more cranes.

The cost is expected to be $42 million. Called a "TIGER" grant, the requested funding from the US Department of Transportation is half, or 21 million dollars, but there are about 1,100 applicants for the grant, and about 50 of those will be approved.

Paul Hand says the track record of CSX gives him convidence that they will make the list.

"When you look at what we are able to do here in a rural area of Ohio. A place that is shovel ready," says Hand.

The expansion would also decrease their carbon footprint. Hand says the new expansion will bring an 80% reduction in all forms of pollution production.

It would also make for a less congested drive, as 14-billion highway miles will be converted to rail.

CSX will also lower its fuel consumption by an estimated 2-billion gallons.

If the grant is approved, expect the project to be completed in about 18 months.