Cursing coaches gone too far?

One group is taking a stand against high school coaches who curse at their players. / Source: Matthew Trump

Cursing has become more and more acceptable, or at least prevalent, in many aspects of society.

Sport is one of them. It's not uncommon to hear curse words thrown around during college and professional sporting events, whether it's by the players or the coaches.

However, one group is challenging an ever-increasing norm: high school coaches cursing at their student-athletes.

"We here at Sport in Society find it interesting that somehow and for some reasons, when it comes to (high school) sports, it's become acceptable," Jarrod Chin, director of training and curriculum for the Northeastern University-based Sport in Society organization, told the Indianapolis Star.

"We pose the question, if it's not acceptable in the classroom but everyone agrees high school and youth sports are about education, then why is it OK for coaches to use profanity? " Chin said. "Our thing is that it isn't."

One school district in the Indianapolis area is writing a new policy specifically banning the use of profanity by its coaches, while many other districts have vaguer policies that effectively prohibit the practice, according to the report.

So what's your take? How should school districts handle coaches who use curse words around the kids? Ever approach a coach about it? Sound off below and on our WNWO Facebook page.