Customers flock to stores and malls after storm passes through

Shoppers flocked to area malls and stores Thursday, the day after a winter storm severely affected travel and commerce. The Westfield Franklin Park Mall reported light foot traffic on Wednesday but the usual day after Christmas crowd convened on the mall Thursday. Sue Brown drove from Findlay to do some shopping with her granddaughter. "I went to the Findlay mall yesterday but we had to leave because they closed the mall on account of the snow," Mrs. Brown said.

Nationwide retail sales this holiday period were the lowest since 2008. Westfield Franklin Park merchant Beck Kari, who sells spatulas with sports logos engraved on them, says his holiday sales were the best ever and he anticipates a good stretch leading up to the new year. "I'm planning on more sales; yesterday it was not so much maybe because of the weather but today you can see it is picking up," Mr. Kari said.