Cut-up bones found under floor boards of Toledo house


TOLEDO, OH (WNWO) - A chilling discovery inside a downtown Toledo home: bones inside the walls and floor boards.

The owner bought 201 Newton Street back in May for $1,000. The goal was to renovate it. But last Wednesday, the carpenter was in the attic when something caught his eye.

First, he noticed two floor boards were installed incorrectly and were easily lifted. Then he saw what was underneath.

Dan Mclaughlin, the carpenter who Found Bones, said, “I see like a little toy truck, and was poking in there more and I see a jaw bone.”

At first he assumed it was animal. Then he began to unearth more floorboards with the home’s owner, Scott Bork. Underneath them?

“Everywhere we look, there’s bones,” added Mclaughlin.

Many of the bones appear to be sawed into pieces. Also under the floor boards were pieces of clothing, brushes, perfume bottles, and corn cobs. The final straw came this weekend.

“Saturday morning, my guys over there poking around at a wall," said Scott Bork, the owner of the home. "They bust open a random wall, and voila: we got bones.”

The men alerted the police, who came and took samples of the remains. They say that at this time they have no reason to believe the bones are anything other than animals, but they have sent them to the coroner’s office for testing.

Bork said, “we assumed maybe it was animals. But then we thought about it, and thought that ‘who would chop up an animal and stuff it in the floor or the wall?’”

The cape cod was built back in 1890. According to neighbors who did not want to be shown on camera, the home has sat vacant for approximately a decade. Before then, they say it was owned by a mother and son who took very good care of it.

However, creepy drawings on the attic walls and the corn cobs and bones in the floor have the men thinking the home has a more sinister past.

“I’m thinking it could be some kind of devil worshiping or something but I’m not sure,” said Bork.

“I got a rosary on because I’m catholic, and I don’t know. I don’t mess with demons or whatever the hell. Poltergeist. I don’t know what it is,” added Mclaughlin.

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