Cut your lawn or the city will, but it's not cheap

If you allow your grass to grow higher than eight inches, crews from the City of Toledo, or hired by the city, will come out and do the job for you.

However, there are hefty fines attached if the city is forced to come out to a residential property for service.

The fines are $75.00 for the first visit, $150.00 for the second visit, $300.00 for the third, and $600.00 for the fourth time, and each time after that.

There is also a charge of $4.95 perminute while the work is done.

The Northwest Police Station located at 2330 West Sylvania Road, which has been closed for over a year, has received numerous complaints about it becoming overgrown.

After news reports, city crews did come out and service the entire property.

Neighbors say that they are ok with the city charging fines for upkeep on residential properties, just as long as the city continues to maintain their own.