Cute kitten stuck underground is pulled to safety

Kitten approaches plumber's snake camera underground / Photo Courtesy WTHR

A kitten stuck underground for more than 48 hours in a storm drain is now in safe hands.

Earlier this week Park Tudor School teacher Barb Skelton noticed three kittens outside the school.

I thought the mommy kitty was dead. And I stepped right there and three babies just jumped right into the pipe," she said.

After several attempts failed to lure the kittens out with food and meowing; a plumbing company was called in for help.

Plumber on scene, a snake camera was placed into the storm drain and a cute baby kitten came into view.

Jumping into action, the plumber dug a hole to the drain to rescue the kittens. One kitten was pulled to safety; it TMs believed the other kittens didn TMt survive. The surviving kitten was adopted by a school staff member and given the name Stormy.

Information and video provided by WTHR.