Cyclists ride for bike safety awareness

Hundreds of bicyclists hit the road Wednesday evening to advocate bike safety and to remember cyclists who have been killed or injured while riding.

"Tonight we ride for them, and tonight they ride with us," proclaimed Keith Webb, organizer of the Toledo Ride of Silence. The 10th annual ride is a tradition with events held in 318 locations across all seven continents. Cyclists in Toledo rode in silence along an 8-mile loop, starting at the Bancroft entrance at the University of Toledo.

Two Toledo-area cyclists were killed while riding in 2012. Riders at today's event remembered others killed or injured, including Dave Larabee, Dr. Stephen Snedden, Jeffrey Roth, Joe Davis and Brandon Allen.

Robert Hannon rode in memory of his friend and neighbor Robert Brundage. Brundage died in 2009 when he was hit in the head by 16-year-old Dailahntae Jemison, who then stole his bike.

"The big thing I think is raising awareness of bicyclists and bicycle safety," said Hannon. He continued, "Raising driver's awareness of bicycles and sharing the road with bicyclists is extremely important."

The theme for TMACOG's 2013 bike month is safety. Cyclists from TMACOG wore blue shirts bearing the safety slogan, "Bike to the Right, Go with the Flow."

"Alot of times when we're driving a car we're not aware of our surroundings. We see the other cars, we never see pedestrians or cyclists," said Ed O'Reilly, Chairman of the Pedestrian Bike Week Committee. He suggests to motorists, "Always be observant and try to give cyclists three feet of clearance when you pass them on any given road."

Officers from the Toledo Police Department helped guide riders and clear traffic along the route.