Dash-cam video, 911 calls released in Oregon Police shootout

A drunken suspect opened fired on Oregon Police officers on Sunday. The officers were not injured but the gunman, 23-year-old Jeff Belew was.

Now, we are learning more about exactly what happened through the release of dash-cam video and 911 calls.

The incident began with a fight and a 911 hang up call.

Operator: Hello. This is the Oregon Police. We just got a 911 call from this number. Is everything ok?

Caller: Um, yeah, no. Can you come out to the Picadilly Apartments? My boyfriend-- his brother brought him home-- he was a little drunk and he's beating the **** out of him in the hallway. He's stomping his head and everything

As the call continued, the threat level increased.

Caller: He's got a gun. He's got his license but they're all drunk.

Oregon Police crews were dispatched to the scene but the first to arrive was greeted by Belew and his gun.

Police scanner: Shots fired. Shots fired on officers.

Belew fired at least five times; hitting a police cruiser twice. Other officers return fire, striking Belew and sending him to the ground.

A witness then approaches and moves the gun away from Belew and towards officers.

Police scanner: We've got a suspect. Officers at this point are OK.

The whole situation left neighbors shaken but everyone thankful that no one else was hurt.

Belew remains at Mercy St. Vincent's with non-life threatening injuries. Charges against him are pending.

The officer who pulled the trigger is on paid leave.