Dashing Pacific owner has not abandoned Marina project

The Chinese firm Dashing Pacific purchased the Marina District from the city of Toledo in the spring of 2011 for $3.8 million.

The Marina District in downtown Toledo remains untouched since Dashing Pacific purchased the 69-acre site for $3.8 million in July 2011.

The Marina District lies within the district of Toledo City Councilman Mike Craig. He said he was initially excited about the plans. "They were pretty adamant about having work done within the first year, and I was very excited about that, but it just didn't happen," Mr. Craig said.

Craig said the lack of communication between Dashing Pacific executives and city leaders makes it difficult to get any update. "When I call, it's a five, six or seven phone call endeavor. Anytime you have to put that kind of an effort to get a hold of somebody, that's a problem," Mr. Craig said. "That could change, soon."

When Dashing Pacific was negotiating with the city to buy the Marina District in 2011, company executives were consulted by Perrysburg-based Prephan Enterprises.

On Thursday afternoon, Scott Prephan sent WNWO an e-mail confirming that Dashing Pacific owner Yuan Xiaohong will come to Toledo this month.

According to Prephan, Dashing Pacific owner Yuan Xiahong told SimonGuo that "she is actively working on design plans and fully intends to move forward with the project."

However, City spokesperson for Mayor Collins, Lisa Ward told WNWO that no meeting between the mayor and Xiaohong had been set.