Daycare leaves toddler in Park for 2 hours, Mom pressing charges

3-year-old was left at the park during a Daycare field Trip.

Toledo, OH (WNWO)--

"He could be in the woods. He could be in the creek. He could have went off on Airport. He could have been gone."

All thoughts racing through Christien Simpson's head when she found out her child was missing. Last Friday, Simpson went to pick up her 3 year old Antonio Dennis at Kids R Us Daycare in west Toledo. First workers told her he'd left with family, but after confirming no one picked him up, Simpson panicked.

"One of the daycare workers made a joke and she said we lost your baby," said Simpson, the worker not knowing what she said was actually true.

According to reports, on Friday the daycare took a field trip to Swan Creek Preserve Metropark.

Three-year-old Antonio Dennis, a regular at the center, was left at the park. Park Rangers say the boy came up to a woman at the park who sat with him and then alerted rangers when no one came for him.

According to the report, workers say they performed a head count, but became confused by kids getting on and off the bus and forgot the child.

Simpson told NBC 24's Toi Creel that her was biggest fear was her child was abducted. "He could have sat next to anybody, anybody could have seen him by himself," said Simpson.

The daycare did issue a statement saying:

On behalf of Kidz Are Us, it is our highest concern that safety and high-quality childcare is our number one priority. Unfortunately, we acknowledge and regret this heartbreaking event has taken place. As a whole, our management team reassures to all parents, that our staff has reviewed all company policies and procedures in the wake of this event, to assist in the prevention of situations like this moving forward and in the future. Equally important, a weekly Performance Improvement Plan Training has been implemented, which requires all staff to complete a weekly Supervision, Guidance and Management training related to transportation. We will continue to value and maintain parental trust in the care of their children.

While Simpson says workers were apologetic she says it's not enough and will be pressing charges.

According to the Better Business Bureau, the daycare has had no prior filed complaints.

Kidz R us says of the two employees involved,one has been let go and another is suspended two weeks without pay.

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