Dayton teachers banned from Facebook, texting students

Dayton teachers can no longer text or engage in social networking relationships with students. / File photo

Not long after Missouri lawmakers imposed and repealed a controversial ban on Facebook teacher-student relationships, one of Ohio's bigger school districts has now jumped on the block-social-networking bandwagon.

Dayton Public Schools' new policy also prohibits teachers from texting or sending instant messages to students. Educators may not respond to students' attempt at communicating through personal or professional accounts not approved by the district.

The Ohio School Boards Association recommended the ban, suggesting that districts map out electronic media guidelines for all teachers.

While some teachers are concerned about the impact the ban will have on their ability to communicate with students, the teachers' union president advocated the district's updated social media policy to the Dayton Daily News.

"I think in this age of all this media out there, that TMs probably a safe thing for our teachers," said David Romick, president of the Dayton Education Association. "We hear stories all the time about kids who, for various reasons, (retaliate) against teachers on social media."

Will the ban improve safety and block potential sexual misconduct or merely inhibit communication methods for teachers? Sound off below.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report)