Deal makes union workers pay up to relieve city

AFSCME Local 7 members protested the increasing health care and pension costs in August. / Tim Wening

Toledo City Council will vote on a three-year agreement that would raise health care and pension costs for almost 800 city workers and freeze their wages for almost two years on Tuesday.

Those affected would be the city's largest employee union, AFSCME Local 7.

If the plan is approved, it will save the city about $3 million in expenses between now and the end of the contract. Published reports say the new agreement's health and pension provision aren't far off from what would be imposed if Senate Bill 5 is upheld.

"There's been movement on both sides and that's what collective bargaining is about," At-Large Representative Rob Ludeman told The Blade. "It's the best for the city and taxpayers, as well as the employees."

Union members will still have to vote on the proposal Wednesday. The contract would be retroactive back to June 1 if passed.