Death Row inmates no longer headed to Toledo



"We don't want to be known as the neighborhood that has violent people in it," said Alfonso Narvaez President, One Village Council

For nearly 20 years the Toledo correctional institution has stood in north Toledo.

Alfonso Narvaez saw it go up.

"When the prison was first built we were told that I was just going to hold minimum-security prisoners and that we weren't going to get any violent criminals"

On Friday the state announced the Toledo correctional institution was going to be converted into a maximum-security facility with only level 4 violent offenders.

"The Level III offenders will begin transitioning out and going to or newly contracted facility in Youngstown," said Ed Voorhies, managing director of operations at Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction.

The prison also has an adjacent level 1 camp for inmates dealing with drug issues. Thee drug offenders with either head to halfway houses or another treatment centers.

The state says the change will allow for tighter security.

"You're trying to manage their movement around level four elements, level III inmates and protective custody inmates none of whom should cross paths," said Voorhies.

The state did back down on the idea to move death row inmates to ToCI suggested a couple months ago.

While some say the diversion is not enough others have a more aloof response.

Eyonna Wright lives just miles away from the prison and says she doesn't mind the change, but wishes wish the Prison would keep the neighborhood informed about changes, like when inmates escape.

"Notify us when it happens, not a couple days later because we have kids around here," said Wright.

Currently the prison houses 232 level 4 inmates,124 Level 1 inmates.

After the other prisoners are moved out in November the jail plans to bring in 800 more level 4 prisoners.

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