Deck the halls withâ?¦paint?!

Abby Kalniz paints a heart on a wall inside Central Elementary

In both celebration and farewell, Central Elementary students have been painting the rooms and hallways of a building that is a part of the schools history. The building is a part of the original elementary school and is now over 80 years old.

Students and families came Wednesday, December 5 to continue painting as well as to see the artwork already on the walls. The project to paint the walls began in October.

Tina Arndt, teaches art for K-5th grade at Central Elementary, commented on the project and the studentsâ?? accomplishments, saying, "It has exceeded anything I could have imaginedâ?¦what the children did with it, just gives me goosebumps whenever I think about it. We had so much fun. They came up with such clever ideas on their own."

The students will be leaving the building on December 20th, and will move into their newschool, Central Trail Elementary on January 7th.