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      Decomposed body of a female found in Monroe

      A hunter called 911 after making a gruesome discovery while in a rural area of Monroe according to Michigan State Police."The caller reported they saw what appeared to be feet. He didn't get much closer than that, and made the 911 call. Then our troops were dispatched," said Michigan State Police Officer Tony Cuevas.

      Officials arrived on the scene Thursday night and uncovered a body dumped in the wooded area just west of I-75 in Monroe.

      Authorities estimate that the body had been there for at least three weeks."Unfortunately the body was decomposed to the point where we don't have, really, any identifiable characteristics," said Cuevas.

      Police are treating this case as a homicide, but have not yet been determined the cause of death.

      Officials upon initial investigation could determine was that it was the body of a female whose height is estimated between 5'4" and 5'6" with a petite build. The race could not be determined because the body had started to decompose that it had become a tan color according to investigators.

      The body has been sent to forensics, where fingerprints and dental records will be analyzed to help identify the body."We've made contact already with several local police agencies, looking through their missing person files, specifically females, that went missing in the last couple of weeks," said Cuevas.

      Police tell WNWO the body appears to have been undisturbed when it was left there weeks ago.