Defiance Co. woman accused of getting 10-year-old to kill her husband

An Oakwood woman is facing life behind bars after being indicted in the shooting death of her husband Robert Breininger nearly 10 years ago.

Prosecutors in Defiance County say a woman somehow persuaded her 10-year-old stepson to kill his own father in a decade-old killing that had initially been ruled accidental.

Authorities have charged Judith Hawkey with aggravated murder, insurance fraud and child endangering in connection with the 2003 death of Robert Breininger.

Hawkey, of Oakwood, pleaded not guilty to the charges Tuesday and is being held on a $3 million bond.

Authorities reopened the investigation last year. Defiance County Prosecutor Morris Murray says new evidence led to the charges last week.

Murray says Hawkey abused the boy for at least three years before the shooting.

Hawkey's attorney declined to comment on the charges Tuesday.