DeGidio says he'll resign if Stainbrook is removed from Board of Elections

Stainbrook remains unapologetic about his performance as a board member.

Top officials in the Lucas County Board of Elections appeared at a hearing at One Government Center to explain why they should not be removed from their positions.Last week, the Ohio Secretary of State, John Husted, sent termination letters to the Director, Deputy Director and three of four board members. Dan DeAngelis submitted his resignation Wednesday afternoon.

Matt Damschoder, an assistant secretary of state served as the hearing administrator. Board chairman Ron Rothenbuhler, board members Jon Stainbrook and Tony DeGidio spoke in that order. Director Gina Kaczala spoke last.READ: Transparency committee recommends removal of 5 from Lucas County Board of Elections In a two hour back and forth with Damschroder and the bi-partisan Transparency Committee, Mr. DeGidio lamented at the possible loss of his health benefits if he were removed from the Board of Elections."They need to think about what is on the other side of what they are doing, because the things I think about, in terms of resigning, are finding another job," Mr. DeGidio said.

Stainbrook remains unapologetic about his performance as a board member."I wanted to do my job at the Lucas County Board of Elections with all my heart. In the end, if the goal is to clean up the board of elections, and I am removed, so be it," Mr. Stainbrook said.Board Chairman Ron Rothenbuhler has said he will not resign from the board. "I was trying to promote good will and not be a dictator," Mr. Rothenbuhler said.