Democrat Ed FitzGerald brings gubernatorial rally to Northwest Ohio


Ed FitzGerald is bringing his campaign for governor to the glass city. The Cuyahoga County politician is touring Ohio's largest cities to boost his name recognition.


County executive Ed FitzGerald told supporters he's running for governor because current Governor John Kasich is fiscally irresponsible and is hurting local communities and their potential to grow.


itzGerald told supporters at this afternoons rally his goal as governor would be to cut what he describes as wasteful spending in
Columbus. He says he'll bring job creation to Ohio by bringing new businesses into the state. FitzGerald also talked about his past experience balancing budgets as a mayor and county executive.

Outside of the restaurant, republican protesters criticized
FitzGerald for snubbing Toledo and Northwest Ohio after holding rallies in the states three largest cities, "You can't neglect any part of the state and also, Northwest Ohio as I've said in all campaigns is the icing on the cake if it's a close election," says Jon Stainbrook, chairman of the Lucas County Republican party.



I wanted to do was have a campaign that over the course of several days, we'll go to every single corner of Ohio, and that's the same kind of governor, I'll be too," explains FitzGerald.


FitzGerald's campaign website, it lists all of his political goals. But, he says the most important will be to make sure people across the state know who he is.


poll recently released by
Quinnipiac University shows John Kasich leading FitzGerald by nine points. That same poll by the university shows Kasich with a seven point lead over another democrat who might run, consumer financial protection director Richard Cordray.