Demonstrators speak out against new store in mall

There were many similar signs being held outside of the Westfield Franklin Park Mall

"Puppies are not Merchandise," "How sick is that doggy in the window?" and "Adopt, Donâ??t Shop," were just some of the signs held by dog advocates who were protesting outside of the Westfield Franklin Park Mall, Saturday evening.

Demonstrators were protesting the opening of a new pet retailer "The Family Puppy," which will open inside the mall this month. The store owners, John and Debbie Stottele, say it gives people looking for dogs other options than shelters.

Jean Keating of The Ohio Coalition of Dog Advocates spoke out as for what she would like to see happen. Keating said, "we would like the new owners of the mall to take a look at the leases that are currently in place when they take over on November 1, and hopefully cancel (The Family Puppyâ??s.)"

Keating also said, "A large number of people have worked very hard over the last four to five years to make significant changes at our dog warden and all over our community, with trying to be more humane in our treatment of animals, and this is going to be a major set back."

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