Dentists open their hearts to provide brighter smiles

Brookview Dental in Sylvania

For the sixth, consecutive year, the dentists at Brookview Dental, located at 7135 Sylvania Ave, Sylvania, provided adults with free dental care for "Smiles from the Heart" day. on February 16, 2013.

Considered a Valentineâ??s Day gift to the community, "Smiles from the Heart" day is held on the closest Saturday to Valentineâ??s Day.

Shane Ferguson, Brookview Dental Practice Manager, commented about the event: â??This is extremely important for adults to be able to take care of themselves or to have an opportunity to have dental care."

The doctors and dental assistants and hygienists cleaned teeth, filled cavities and extracted teeth, at no charge, for those who are 18 years old or older and who are unable to pay for the service.

"There were so many people that showed up today. We had an amazing turn out," Ferguson said.

This year, 71 patients were served â?? a total of $13,275 worth of services was given to patients. In the first five years, 475 men and women received free dental care during "Smiles from the Heart" day at Brookview Dental, with over $80,000 of free dental care.

"Smiles from the Heart" patients are seen on a first come, first served basis. Care is provided to as many patients as time allows. Patient registration forms are distributed when the event begins. Patients are asked to complete the registration from, indicating which service is to be provided â?? a cleaning, a filling or tooth removal.

If you have neighbors or friends who might be interested in taking advantage of this wonderful opportunity, call the "Smiles from the Heart" hotline at (419) 720-0003 to hear a pre-recorded message with details about the event.