Deputy director of Lucas County BOE resigns

Deangelis will not be at the meeting.

TOLEDO -- The Lucas County Board of Elections faces another shake-up as its deputy director resigns after an oversight committee demanded its board members to leave.

The resignation from Dan Deangelis on Wednesday comes after Secretary of State John Husted sent removal letters to Deangelis along with three board members and director Gina Kaczala.

Husted sent letters to the five officials on Monday, advising them of his decision to remove them from their positions due to their lack of responsibility to voters.

"In Lucas County, the petty infighting, personality conflicts and sloppy administration have gone on long enough," Husted wrote to each official. "I simply cannot jeopardize the integrity of future elections in Lucas County. The citizens and voters deserve better."

There will be a hearing for its members Thursday morning to explain why they should not be removed from their positions.

Deangelis will not be at the meeting.