Deputy who shot at suspects is back on duty

A Lucas County Sheriff's Sergeant is back on the job after shooting at two unarmed suspects Wednesday night.

The suspects, who police say were driving a stolen car, were first stopped at Rally's on busy Central Ave. In Sylvania Township. When two of the suspects drove off, Sergeant Ephron Linzy opened fire.

Last night, he told us he shot out a tire to stop the car.

"Just to get him to slow down so we won't be going all over hell and creation", Linzy said, "But apparently it did slow him down."

But in a report obtained by NBC-24 news, Linzy tells a different story.

In the report, he says, he opened fire because he was worried about a Toledo police officer standing near the car.

But that officer never mentions it in his report.

The sheriffs department plans to look into the shooting. "There will be a standard investigation that will take place on the discharge of a firearm by a Lucas county sheriffs deputy. At the conclusion, there will be a shooting review board which will determine whether or not he was justified in firing his weapon", says Capt. Bob McBroom with the department's internal affairs division".

Investigators will also look at where he bullets flew. NBC 24 has learned, one of the bullets may have flown across busy Central Ave, striking a Radio Shack store, even though Linzy insists he was shooting at the tire.

And this isn't the first time Sgt. Linzy has shot at a fleeing car. He did the same last may--and, at that time said the same thing. "My intent was to stop the vehicle just to end this madness", Linzy told us at the time.

The Toledo police department has a strict policy against firing at fleeing suspects, saying,

"The discharge of a firearm at a motor vehicle is only justified if the officer has probable cause to believe that the subject poses an immediate danger of death or serious physical injury to the officer or others"

Based on what Linzy told us, that apparently wasn't the case.

No one at the Sheriffs Department would give us a copy of their policy--but they say, it doesn't look like Sgt. Linzy did anything wrong.

"Not to us at this time", McBroom says, Not till we investigate it. We have no indication he did anything wrong."

Sheriff James Telb has not returned our repeated calls for comment.