Deshler-Westhope Fire Department receives $300,000 loan

Deshler-Westhope Fire Department receives $300,000 loan.

A fire department in Henry County will receive a loan to take care of major expenses.

Deshler-Westhope Fire Department received a $300,000 loan from the Ohio Department of Commerce and the Division of State Fire Marshal announced Thursday. The revolving loan program provides funding to local governments that can use the money towards firefighting, rescue, EMS equipment or improvements to its buildings.

Other fire departments have received these loans throughout the state after Gov. John Kasich signed the budget. The budget includes an additional $500,000 for firefighter training. These loan and grant programs are designed to offset the cost to local governments.

The state choose certain fire departments based the departmentâ??s yearly budget, number of fire incidents in a year, and the resident population served by the department.