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      Details emerge about man arrested for fire that killed Toledo firefighters

      Ray A bou -A rab is in police custody Friday night facing charges of aggravated murder and aggravated arson in the deaths of Toledo firefighters Stephen Machinski and James Dickman.

      A ccording to Toledo municipal court records, both firefighters died while battling a blaze Sunday afternoon inside a building owned Abou-Arab.

      M ore details insid e court documents report the 61 year old allegedly entered this garage on Magnolia Street where he remained for over a minute, then left and entered a store front on the other side of the building.

      C ourt records state a occupant inside a rear apartment next to the garage noticed the wall structure on fire and called 911. A ll that's left now is a burnt building surrounded by barricades and crime scene tape.

      A ccording to police , Abou- A rab is suspected in using an ignitable liquid inside the garage that resulted in Sundays fatal fire.

      WNWO dug into Abou-Arab's past history with the law. On the Toledo clerk of court's website, a long list greets you with offenses Arab was charged with.

      T hey include , 3 counts of unauthorized use of computer equipment in 2005. He was found guilty on two of the charges. Also in the list is a guilty charge for illegal use of food stamps or WIC program benefits in 2011.

      A court date for Abou-A rab hasn't been announced.