Detroit bus drivers scared for their lives

Idle buses in Detroit / WWJ Photo/Mike Campbell

Commuters who rely on city buses found themselves stranded Friday morning as nearly 100 Detroit DOT drivers reported to work but refused to drive their buses. The unorganized refusal to drive stems from a bus driver being beaten by teenagers while performing his duties in the heart of the Motor City. According to Henry Gaffney, spokeman for the drivers union "Our drivers are scared, they're scared for their lives." He went on to say that it took almost 30 minutes for police to respond to the sceen of the beating.

Mayor Dave Bing's office released a statement that the city is working hard to get the busses up and running again. Bing's spokesman, Stephen Serkaian, said they're asking stranded riders to be patient: "We understand their frustration, we feel their pain."

Tensions are flaring. One stranded rider who waited for 30 minutes before hailing a cab is running out of patience; "They just try to find a way not to do their job." Another daily commuter, Richard Moses, waiting for a bus this morning was told by a transpotation supervisor in a SUV to find another form of transportation. According to Moses: "They said there's no D-DOT buses running at this time and they don't know when any will be starting back up."

According to the mayor's office transportation and public safety networks are stretched thin. Discussions to improve bus safety are ongoing.

Detroit Public School buses were not affected according to a letter sent home to parents.

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