Devastating auto shop accident shocks Fremont residents

Fremont police officer Dwayne Simmons says he was sitting in his living room Thursday evening when his grandson ran inside yelling emergency crews were surrounding the auto shop across the street.

â??He said thereâ??s been an accident over there some guy got hurt real bad, I think he's dead,â?? Simmons recalled.

According to a Fremont police report, 44-year-old mechanic Donnovan Roth suffered fatal injuries to his face and neck after a fan belt blade broke loose as he was working on a 1972 Buick.

A responding police officer described in his report that emergency crews were called immediately after the accident, but were too late.

Though the auto shop was immediately shut down, evidence of the accident is still visible on the ground, along with a hand drawn sign that sits in the garage window saying the garage will be closed until Monday.

Fremont police say the incident appears to be nothing more than an unfortunate accident and foul play is not suspected.

An autopsy for Donnovan Roth is scheduled for Friday in Lucas County.