DeWine speaks at fraud forum

A display at the fraud forum in Toledo

Ohio's Attorney General,Mike DeWine, spoke at the community fraud forum in Toledo.

DeWine spoke at the forum, " warn people about a lot of the frauds that are out there," he said.

The forum featured special workshops for law enforcement, social workers and other caretakers.

The discussions focused on recent consumer and charitable scams affecting Ohioans, along with patient Medicaid abuse.

DeWine said, "If some of these criminals would use some of their ingenuity in a good way, they could make a lot of money, but they still try to scam people."

Be aware of Internet and telemarketing scams. They are among the more common type of scams.

If you want to report a fraud, or find out if a fraud might occur, call the Attorney General's office at 800-282-0515.

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