Diocese of Toledo launches program for safer schools


Diocese of Toledo's newest tool in preventing violence is a hotline and online system that allows anyone connected with the school to report suspicious behavior and remain anonymous, and they're confident this system will keep their schools safe.


eaders with the diocese
announced the launch TIPS, Threat Assessment Incident Management and Prevention Services. It's a 21st century tool in combating school violence, bullying, and other issues where anyone connected with the school can report issues online and stay anonymous, "I have noticed bullying before, and I think it's a good way to get information out like I need help or if a parent of a student is because sometimes kids are afraid if they tell someone they'll get bullied more or something," says student Jacob Lamp.

School leaders like Debora O'Shea, Principal of St. Patrick of Heatherdowns has noticed problems with bullying, especially when she would get calls from parents, "a lot of times it's the kids saying they don't want to be a snitch. That's a big word now a days in school," says O'Shea.

Snitch is a big word that carries the risk of relentless bullying or verbal and physical abuse. But, since the system has been in place results can already be found, "it works very well, we've already had 2 reported and taken care of very easily through that reporting system," adds O'Shea.


ven with this technology some say you shouldn't lose focus on basic principles

, "you should do the right thing, you shouldn't be afraid to help someone out," says Lamp. Bottom line, school leaders want to start a culture in their schools where everybody is communicating with each other and urge if they see something, they say something.