Disabled woman has power scooter stolen

Karen Maze has endured a string of health problems recently-high blood pressure, diabetes, a torn achilles tendon. But the 56-year-old has still been able to maintain her independence thanks in large part to her power scooter which enabled to get go to the grocery store and keep doctor's appointments. But last December Karen's world was significantly inconvenienced when her scooter was stolen. "I needed a fw things so I went to the convenience store up the street, but my scooter wouldn't fit through the door so I left it outside, and when I came back outside the scooter was gone," Ms. Maze said.

Medicare paid for the scooter three years ago but their policy is not to replace scooters until five years; Karen had hers for 3 years. "I am borrowing a wheelchair from a family member but they need it back soon, I just had surgery on a torn achilles tendon and I can't walk at all," Ms. Maze said.

At this point Karen is hoping that either her scooter will be returned or that Medicare will make an exception in her case. "Well you would think that they would make an exception in my case but I have called them repeatedly and my doctor has, so I doubt it," Ms. Maze said.